February 11, 2018

Speak or Strike?

Passage: Exodus 17:1-7
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Bible Text: Exodus 17:1-7 | Preacher: Pastor Moe | Series: Journey of Stones

“Speak or Strike?”
Why do people complain?
In the books of Exodus and Numbers, the children of Israel leave behind a trail of complaints.

List them from the following references:
Exodus 14:10; 15:23-23; 16:2,3; 17:1-7;32:1- 10;
Numbers 11:1-2; 4-6, 20; 12:1-3; 14:2-4; 20:1-13.

READ Psalm 145:8. Why should we be thankful for this truth?
“Grumbling is not ultimately the heart’s response to circumstances, but to God.”
What is spiritual amnesia? How do we suffer from spiritual amnesia?
‘Don’t Let Your Wonder Wander!’
Think about this: The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before they entered into the Promised Land. It is an 11-day journey—250 miles. Let’s break that down a little more: that works out to roughly 90 feet a day.

God’s plan was never for them to wander around in the wilderness for that long.

While God might be patient with us, our complaining and grumbling can lead us to miss out on the blessings that God intends for us to have.

READ Proverbs 3:5,6
What is the best way to overcome complaining?
Just in case you might think that ‘complaining’ is confined to the Old Testament, can you think of any times that the disciples of Jesus were complaining or grumbling?

READ Philippians 2: 14; 1 Peter 4:9
Things to remember:

Serve others patiently—even when they are irritating.
Obey God completely—even when the reason is unclear.
Accept God’s Plan Willingly—even though you may question it.
Submit To The Lord Continually—even when it hurts.