Welcome To Westburne

By God’s grace, and for His glory, we long to be a community of people who are passionately devoted to Christ, deeply committed to one another, and relentlessly focused on reaching others with the message of Jesus.

Our services are at 10:00 AM every Sunday morning.  We also live-stream on our Facebook page.  Please use the link below to join us! 

Please note that our Services over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are as follows:

  • The St Catharines Chinese Alliance Church will be meeting on Christmas Eve.   There will be no service for Westburne Church.
  • On Christmas Day there will be a message posted from Pastor Tim.   It will be available on-demand throughout the day.

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Blessing. Peace. Grace. Purpose. Contentment. Strength.
Love. Forgiveness. Help. Satisfaction. Joy. Mercy. Beginnings.